Nautical Stripes

Hello Loves!
 I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend. Today I want to talk about shopping your closet. Being a blogger to me doesn’t mean wearing the most expensive or a new outfit daily. It means learning to work the pieces you already have in your closet and that’s exactly what I did today. You’d be surprise to see how the different pieces in your closet can work so well together. I went into my closet today and took out some pieces and added a couple of twist and Voila! At first I wanted to wear the skirt and the blouse alone, but I thought that was too bland (as always). I decided to add my striped button down shirt for some slight excitement. I am so in love with this skirt, it is just so unique and feels so amazing. I bought it 2 years ago at Victoria’s Secret, yes, your read right Vickie’s. It’s such a timeless piece. Have a great week! until next time.

Stay Fashionomically Chic & fab- JMP


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