Hello Loves,
I hope you had as marvelous a weekend
as I did and hope you’re ready for the week ahead. I just came from the
great state of Georgia for another friend’s wedding. It’s always an
experience visiting GA and this trip was nothing short of amazing. I got
to spend some time with old friends and meet new ones. I am so excited
to talk about this dress so let’s get started. I am sure the pattern on
the fabric looks familiar, well that’s because I made a skirt out of
that same fabric and wore it on this post
by now you already know my obsession with Haitian-Italian designer
Stella Jean and I love every single piece of work of hers. Well since I
cannot yet afford her coveted pieces, I figured I’ll make something
similar with my own twist, off course (see below for actual Stella Jean
dress). It was a morning wedding so I figured I could be as bright and
as colorful as I wanted to be. I went to my tailor with the picture and
lo and behold he gave me exactly what I wanted. I was actually on the
fence about the brightness and pattern, but after I tried it on for the
first time I knew I’d hit jackpot. In true Jenny fashion, I had to cinch
it with a belt and my cousin let me borrow this perfect polka dotted
belt. I wanted to wear muted color accessories because I wanted the
dress to be forefront of the ensemble. You’re probably wondering about
the round shaped bottom part of the dress, so my tailor actually made me
a detachable tutu skirt and voila! Thus, If I wanted to wear this dress
without a tutu, that would be fine. I received so many compliments on
the dress and I am sooo glad I took this fashion risk. I am encourage to
continue pushing my fashion limits and show people that it’s ok not to
conform and look like everyone else, while remaining modest. Find your
inspiration, add your own twist and rock it with confidence, you will
thank yourself later. As always, thank you sooo much for reading and I
would love to know your thoughts on the comment section below. Until
next time!
Stay Fashionomically Chic & Fab.-JMP

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Tailor-made
Shoes: YSL
Clutch: Bakers (old)

Colorfully Free

Hello Loves!!
Long time no talk or see! The month of May was a crazy emotional roller coaster of a month. I took 2 trips to Haiti and kind of had to step back and take a little breather. I apologize for my absence and I am back to the regularly scheduled programming.
So I’ve been wanting to wear the skirt forever now, but I didn’t think I had any tops in my closet that would do it justice. The last time I wore this skirt, I wore it with a blazer and I felt that I slightly cheated the skirt. I couldn’t show the skirt in all it’s glory because the blazer took center stage. Little known fact, this skirt was my very first purchase at Forever 21, so I’ve had it for over 6 years, but I’ve only worn it twice. Any who, so I tried it with this multicolor blouse and voila! I still felt like I needed to jeuge the outfit a bit more so I took some pointers from wendy’s lookbook’s video by doubling up on the belts. This outfit is perfect for summer, the colors, the textures and the way it allows for movement. I would love to know your thoughts on the outfit. As always, Thank you for reading. 
Stay Fashionomically Chic & Fab.- JMP

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Modcloth (sold out)
Skirt: Forever 21(old)
Sandals: JessicaSimpson
Belts: Thrifted, J.Crew