Summer…where art thou?

Hello Loves!!

Have you ever made a decision about an outfit only to realize later that you might have been slightly crazy at the time you made the decision? Well my friends that’s the story behind this outfit. Before I get into that, I hope your weekend went well. I feel like this weekend just went by in a flash or maybe it’s because I was in Dallas for the whole week.  Any who, I decided this week that I was going to wear this skirt, please don’t ask why because it was clearly against my better judgment. For some unexplainable reason, I just felt like it was summer, not because it was not cold in MD but because I just wanted it to be summer. This cold weather is too depressing, I am an island gal at heart so I am not cut out for this weather. Alas, I put this outfit together with the support of the hubs. I absolutely love all the vibrant colors in this skirt. I wanted the skirt to be the center of attention so I muted my top and added a little stripe top for more pizzaz..(you can never have too much pizzaz..or can you?). I would love to know your thoughts on this outfit. As always, thank you for reading. Until next time.

Stay Fashionomically Chic & Fab.-JMP



























//Outfit Details//

Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt & Pumps: Joe Fresh
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Handbag: Cole Haan


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