Fun in the Wind

Hello Loves,

I hope your weekend went well and that your team won the Superbowl, and if your team didn’t win..well sorry. I don’t really follow sports but I am trying understand it more and more.  Anywho, my really good girlfriend called me at the beginning of the week to tell me she had bought a “big” camera and she wanted to shoot me for the blog. I was so excited because when she and I get together it’s always a blast. As soon as she started shooting, we just started having fun. It was super windy so that was good and bad, but she still went for it, capturing my every move and pose. I borrow her really cool mirrored Ray-Ban aviators and that was just the statement piece that I needed. I would really love to know your thoughts on this mixed prints outfits. As always, thank you for reading. Until next time.

Stay Fashionomically Chic & Fab.-JMP



























//Outfit Details//
Jacket: Loft (last year)
Blouse: Ann Taylor (old)
Skirt: H&M (really old)
Shoes: LAMB


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