Peter Panning

Hello Thriftynistas!

I hope your week is going great. I am currently working hard in MN where  it is  forever below zero. I don’t understand how MN is still late in this weather program, why is the state never at 50 degrees? Anywho, remember I told you the hubby and I caught up on  all of the weeks that I missed on the blog? The beauty of that is now I have about 2 more posts for this week including this post. I’ve always wanted to add the Peter Pan trend to my wardrobe (I know I’m late) but I was looking for a top or dress that did not make me look like I was 2 y.o.

Little Red Riding Turtleneck

Hello Loves!

Happy Spring! Long time no hear. I hope your week started off quite well and that wherever you are, you are keeping warm. This spring weather is a joke. It was especially beautiful in MD on saturday and then weather completely switched on sunday….smh! Ever since I came back from my mini vacay from Mexico, I have just been enjoying quality time with the hubs evey chance I get, hence the reason I have been MIA on the blog. However, I made up for it this weekend so back to our regularly scheduled programming. My husband surprised me last week when I came home with this turtleneck.