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Happy Tuesday all.. I am officially back!!!

Where do I even start?


I stopped blogging about a year ago due to some personal circumstances. I felt that I couldn’t dedicated the amount time needed for blogging and still be taking care of said circumstances. I stopped blogging altogether with no explanation to my faithful readers; For that, I offer you my sincere apology. For those of you who stuck by me during that year, a heartfelt thank you. I am now back to blogging with a brand new site (I hope you like it) and new materials that are near and dear to my heart. You can expect the same vibrant, cost conscious and colorful Jenny but I will be offering more insight into my everyday life.  I would love your feedback on what you would like to see on the site and I will do my best to give you the kind of content you’d like to see. Thank you for taking on this journey with me, I hope to have a lot of fun with you!

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After my year long absence, I had to come back super colorful. One of my best friend’s mom brought me this fabric from the Congo and I instantly fell in love.  With all sorts of design ideas running through my mind, my aunt, a seamstress, and I began to brainstorm on exactly what to create and we decided on this masterpiece of a skirt. In order to balance the outfit out, I paired it with a plain white button down, the skirt is already so vibrant and a pair of brown pumps. At the very last minute, I took the bow off of a dress I owned and it just pulled the whole look together. I love ankara fabric and love to create different designs with them. I would love to know what you’d create with a such a vibrant fabric, leave comments below and I’ll be sure to reply. Thank you again for the love and  your patience. Until Next time!

Stay Fashionomically Chic & Fab





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Skirt: Tailor Made

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