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About 3 weeks ago I vacationed in Phuket, Thailand for about 2 weeks with my husband and a group of friends. While in Thailand, we decided to go on a quick 2 day trip to Singapore. I had heard so many great things about Singapore and since the intra Asia flights were so “au bon prix” we decided to change our itineraries to make the 2 day trip. I had an idea how Singapore would be and got completely blown away by the real thing. We met the absolute nicest cab driver from the airport who became our personal tour guide for the 2 days. Singapore is super developed and the people were the most gracious. For our first day in Singapore city, our taxi driver told us of a couple of places to visit, like Old town, Little India, and local eateries to better understand the melting pot that is Singapore’s culture. Being from DC, whenever I visit a country or state, I am always eager to experience their metro or rail transportation system. Singapore did not dissapoint. The trains were super clean, on time and quite spacious, some of the things a dc local thrives off of. We visited Scott’s Square and some the high end stores and ate at one of the best breakfast restaurant I have ever visited. If you’re ever in Singapore, be sure to visit Wild Honey Restaurant at Scott’s Square. We also went to the SkyPark Marina Bay Sands, where we viewed Singapore city 57 levels above ground (~ 2000 FT). The view is spectacular and breathtaking and also a must do if you’re ever in Singapore. We were so tired and jet lagged the first day we ended up falling asleep, dressed, in outfits we were suppose to go out in that night (Adulting is hard! lol). The next day we visited the museum and learned so much about’s Singapore’s rich history and culture and also did some shopping, off course.  I know, for a fact, that I will be going back to Singapore in the near future because 2 days just was not enough. I love to travel and I have a couple of places in mind for the next year. Until then, I can definitely scratch Singapore off of my bucket list.

Leave a comment below telling me at least one country that is very high your bucket list and I’ll be sure to tell you some of mine.



We did not realize Singapore was going to be so hot and humid. I am so glad I bought the right clothing. This linen shirt dress is a find from last year and I trust it on hot and humid days like the ones in Singapore. I hope you enjoyed my Singapore updates. Be on the look out for the Thailand update soon. Until next time!

Stay Fashionmically Chic & Fab.- JMP




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Dress: Old (Ann Taylor) Similar Similar

Sandals: Old (J.Crew) Similar (Love!)


Sunglasses: The Row  or Au Bon Prix



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