Professional Series: How to Wear Sequins to the Office

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Welcome to my second installment of workwear series.  Today’s topic is wearing sequins to the office.  Although that’s not the norm but I believe that workwear does not have to be boring or monotone.  Sequins can sometimes be viewed as only occasion wear or unprofessional for the office but it doesn’t have to be, if done right. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying wear a frilly, multi layered and bright cocktail dress or top to a corporate meeting.  However, you can mix and match the right top, bottom or dress with the right accessories for it to look professional enough and you still stay true to your style.  Let’s take what I’m wearing for example, although the skirt is embellished with sequins, it doesn’t have sequins sticking out, hanging or layers. It is a unified Aztec print throughout the skirt and it is just the right amount of pop of print.  In order to keep the outfit leveled, the top or the bottom you pair the sequins item with has to be plain. Keep in mind, we are in the thick of summer so I paired mine with a light and bright top and pumps.  I believe this outfit still looks professional with a little excitement for those sometimes boring office days.  I know all offices do not adhere to the same dress code, as I am sure someone who works in the fashion industry has more lenient dress code.  I hope this really helped you add some pizzazz in your  wardrobe and office in these last summer days.  As always thank you for reading; until next time.

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IMG_7583-1024x683 IMG_7586-1024x683

//Outfit Deets//

Blouse: Banana Republic (old) Similar

Skirt: Express (old) Similar




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