My Birthday: Lessons I’ve Learned & Taking with me in my 30s

Happy Friday Guys and Gals! It’s my birthday!!!

As you know last week I was in California for a work vacay/retreat. My husband and I came out for the weekend for an early birthday getaway and off course I snapped some pics for the blog. When in Cali you have to take pictures at the LACMA, it’s a rule (lol). When I took these pictures, I didn’t have this blog layout in mind. I know I wanted to do something different but wasn’t sure what. No, I didn’t take these pics with the intentions of lining them up with my lessons, it just happened. Since today is my birthday, the BIG 3-0, I figured I’d exposed a little bit more about myself. These are my day to day experiences and reflections. I hope you all enjoy and find it helpful. Thank you for staying in this journey with me. I appreciate each and every one of you that take time to visit, read and comment on the blog. 

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img_7877Own Who You Are – I use to be ashamed of being so open, honest, loud, hyper, and so “out there.” I felt I was being judged at every turn and I honestly used to pray that God would make me less hyper, less funny and less “out there”. Then I realized, that is what differentiates me from the people that I come across on a daily. I’ve come to embrace it, especially when I can make someone laugh literally 30 seconds into meeting them.

img_7872Decide What You Will and Won’t Accept from Others – To be honest I am still working through that lesson. The way I was raised in Haiti is very different than what I see in current times. I sometimes have to tell myself, ‘you didn’t have to take that from that person,” but then what would be the alternative?  There’s a thin line between disrespect and tolerance and some adults don’t understand that concept and I don’t want to be the one teaching it. One of the key things I learned last week was “you teach people how you want to be treated”. The way people treat you is learned behavior; so in this new chapter in my life some will definitely be relearning.

img_7878Take Time to be Playful – My friends can tell you I’m probably the most playful person on the planet, when necessary and sometimes in serious situations. I realized we don’t have to be so serious at all times. There is literally a physical difference between someone who’s serious at all times vs someone who takes time to be playful. Playfulness keeps you looking younger, longer 🙂


Lean Not on Your Own Understanding – The bible says it, I believe it, I practice it and I know it to be incontestably true. I don’t know everything, therefore I will ask questions. I can’t make it on my own, therefore I will ask for help. You can’t walk this road called life alone, therefore you will need others.

img_7882Take Your Time – We each have our own path to travel and we need to take the time to do just that. Oh look! Joe Schmoe is 22 and he’s already a CEO, good for him! That’s not your path. Don’t go break your neck to be a CEO when that is not what you’re supposed to be. Take your time to figure it all out. You will find what you’re supposed to be and do and you’ll thrive.


The Details Matter – I used to be a “big picture” person but I soon realized the big picture is made up of little details and they shouldn’t be ignored.

img_7889Take Time to Pray – This. Is. BIG!…for me. I’m a Christian, and as a Christian if you can’t foster a personal relationship with God through prayer, worship and building intimacy with Him, your walk is in vain. We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we completely ignore God or even take time to pray (including me). It is a battle, but like anything if you do it often enough it becomes second nature. Second nature – That’s the level of intimacy I want with God.

img_7891Take Time to Refresh & Reenergize – It is necessary, for your sanity, mental & physical health. I have done well in this area (haha as would be expected LOL). On a serious note, sometimes you just have to unplug in order to recharge your ‘battery’. One of the reasons I love to unplug/travel is it gives me a chance to be alone with my thoughts, there is no escape when you’re on a plane with your thoughts and no wifi. Trust!

img_7894Don’t Rush the Process – I am probably the least patient person on the planet. I know the Lord is definitely working with me on that specific area, I am planner at heart and when things don’t go when and how I want them to, I tend to get major anxiety. Clear example, our infertility journey, I had it all planned out when I’d get pregnant and the whole bit, but then I found out I had fibroids, had surgery and still waiting for a baby. I have no doubt that there is a lesson in all of it and I’ll be more than happy when I learn patience. In the meantime, I’m learning to trust the process.

img_7888Go in the Direction of Your Dreams – Most of the jobs I’ve held after college and grad school, I’ve been utterly miserable. I know what I wanted to do, it was a matter of getting that opportunity. I wanted to travel and I wanted to be challenged. Imagine my surprise/joy when my current position catered to both criteria? I excelled like I had never excelled before professionally. I think at this point in my life, as I am redefining my goals and dreams, they scare me a bit, so I plan to do it scared.

img_7895Do it Scared – We all have goals and plans but sometimes they seem so big that we don’t even know where to start. As I learned last week, all it takes is to push that one domino, and everything else will fall into place. So even if you don’t know where to start – just start – do it scared, with the fear and the thrill.

img_7916Find Joy in Every Situation – That is by far the hardest lesson I’ve had to learn and still learning. How can you possibly find joy in tragedy or when things don’t go your way? Rejoice!

Find Your Focus – When all is said and done, you have to be able to snap back into your routine and “life”.  Find that one thing that motivates you to go after what you want, whether it is your children, family, travel, or goals. Whatever it may be…Find your focus!

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