About Me


Hi There!

Welcome to the new and improved Au Bon Prix website. I am so excited for your visit. I’m Jenny and nice to virtually meet you. Born and raised in Haiti and lived there for 12 years, and migrated to the (DMV) Washington DC area about 17 years ago. I am passionate about all things Jesus, Haiti, Married Life, and off course Fashion! I’ve been interested in fashion ever since I can remember but it wasn’t until I came to the states, started reading blogs and started working that I realized how much I love to experiment and play with my style.

You will soon find that my blog is unique in that I don’t wear jewelry and only wear skirts and dresses, so making an outfit work without accessories can be a bit of a challenge for some, But I welcome and embrace the challenge and hope to inspire others.

I am so excited to take you on this journey with me. I am a commercial consultant by day and a Fashionista 24/7.  I get inspired from everything around me but more specifically colors, I love colors (as you will soon find out).  I definitely use colors to tell my story and share my feelings. I love finding quality pieces at GREAT PRICES. I live for sales… I mean who doesn’t love a great sale?  Hence the blog name Au Bon Prix — French for “At A Great Price.” I’ll be sure to share all of my finds with you and hope to help you transform your closet as I continue to transform mine. Again, thank you for visiting my website!

Fashion motto I live by:

“Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself, yet identifiable for others.”- Anna Wintour


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